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Comprehensive DNA Analysis

A robust analysis of your unique DNA including thousands of SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms), with a constantly evolving and expanding methodology that will allow us to provide cutting edge updates as this fund of knowledge expands. We identify your unique genetic advantages, predispositions, and challenges. This is the code for your human operating system, critical information for optimizing YOU.

Comprehensive laboratory analysis

We capture a complete picture of your current state of health and identify areas that are sub-optimal for long term health and disease risk. Cross-referencing this information with your robust DNA predispositions, we make reasonable changes together to your lifestyle and then follow up to re-evaluate key markers over time, to optimize your healthy life span. Our laboratory workup is detailed and inclusive of blood counts, electrolytes, liver and kidney function, markers of inflammation, diabetes, cardiovascular disease risk, lipids, hormones, vitamins, minerals, supplements, gut-microbiome, epigenetic aging among others.

Personalized Health Score and Tracking

Our precision medicine platform generates a personalized health optimization score and allows us to track this over time for improvements based on modifications we make to enhance various aspects of your comprehensive health plan.

Diet and Nutrition

We work together to design an ideal diet and nutrition plan based on your genetic makeup and personal preferences. We will identify superfoods you can target and kryptonite foods to avoid.

Exercise and Recovery

You will receive an individualized exercise and recovery plan based on your genetic predispositions, personal preferences and athletic goals

Sleep Optimization

We work with you to maximize your recovery. Sleep is perhaps the most critical component of wellness, health and longevity.

Wearable Tracking

Our precision medicine platform allows uploading, tracking and integration of your wearable devices in order to help tailor optimal workout intensity and recovery plans based on your goals.


Lowering your stress and enhancing your daily sense of well being translates to improvements in blood pressure, heart rate variability, reduction in chronic disease, and improved long term health; we will explore programs, strategies, devices and plans.

Chronic Disease Prevention

Identify your challenges and limitations and identify a path to mitigate risk and prevent chronic disease.


Assess markers of longevity and tailor specific interventions to enhance your healthy lifespan.

Peptides for health optimization

Peptides are strings of amino acids, building blocks of proteins, that function as signaling mechanisms in the body.

The therapeutic use of peptides is a new, exciting and evolving field. Applications may include muscle growth, joint recovery, weight loss & fat burn, hair, nail and skin rejuvenation, longevity, deep sleep enhancement, diabetes treatment and more.

All from home. All physician-approved. All built specifically for you.

Our approach is lifestyle first. We focus on root causes rather than symptoms and aim to prevent disease, not just treat it. We start by understanding your risks and predispositions through comprehensive testing in order to prevent disease, rather than waiting for symptoms to appear.

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Transformative Results


Increase in HDL (protective)


Decrease in inflammation


Decrease in insulin resistance


Improvement in cardiovascular disease markers

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