What steps do I take to sign up?

Option A: Please visit our website at to sign up for our program.

Option B: Call us (509-710-9021) or email us at “” for more information or to sign up.

What is a DNA kit?

As part of our full-body approach, we start by looking at your DNA to evaluate your body’s systems. Our DNA kits provide information on the specific genetics that influence your health and wellness. Peak Health physicians select the significant genetic SNPs to examine that affect your performance, energy levels, blood flow, nutrient absorption rates, and other crucial functions. By sequencing your DNA, we can determine the genetic advantages, disadvantages, and predispositions within your body’s systems. That information helps us generate a 50-page report and establish a treatment plan that will optimize your health and well-being.

Once I get your DNA kit, how do I use it?

Our saliva DNA kits are easy to use. You spit into a tube, re-package the kit in the prepaid postage container we provide and return it to our lab.

Can I use another DNA test like the one offers and deduct that from the cost of your services?

Our DNA test evaluates different genetic variations than other tests because we focus on the specific genes that influence your health. Other DNA kits would not provide the necessary data.

Do you recommend that I do lab work?

Yes, because our recommended labs give us a complete picture of your health status. Lab work combined with DNA testing helps us generate a concise plan for achieving your health goals and measuring your success.

What does the lab work show?

The blood lab work evaluates your current vitamin and mineral levels, thyroid, heart, blood vessels, and hormone status, provides a lipid profile, and looks at other vital systems. In addition, the labs help us track your progress so we can maximize your health plan.

Can I talk to someone before I sign up?

You can reach a member of our team by calling us at 509-710-9021, emailing at, or you can contact us online here. We are available and eager to answer your questions and discuss your health needs and goals.

What is precision medicine, and how is it different from typical medicine?

Conventional medicine follows an allopathic approach to diagnose and treat people, focusing on medication and surgery. Precision medicine takes a holistic approach by evaluating the body’s DNA, doing extensive lab work, and using epigenetics to enhance your healthy genes. We focus on the root cause of an issue instead of just symptoms. These multiple factors funnel into a personalized health plan that builds and sustains optimal health and promotes longevity.

Can I schedule a meeting with a Peak Health physician before I get the results of my DNA test and the labs?

We recommend that you wait for your results to have a complete picture of your health. In this way, our diagnosis will be more accurate and the plan we devise more effective. Without the pertinent information, we won’t be able to give you specific recommendations.

Does Peak Health require that I stay in the program for a certain length of time?

Since achieving optimal health goals takes time, we ask our clients to make a 12-month commitment to the plan we establish together. We believe this is the minimum amount of time required to see significant results. Ideally, a long-term relationship will translate into life-sustaining improvements.

Do I need to travel to your location, or are the sessions done virtually? What about the lab work?

We can come to you via our virtual visits. You would go to a local LabCorp or Quest facility for testing with the lab order we email you after you sign up online. Visit or for a location near you.

Does Peak Health accept insurance?

To provide the fastest and most complete health services, we don’t accept insurance. Most providers will not reimburse you for our services, and therefore it slows down the process. Many clients use a Flexible Spending Account to help cover costs. Contact your representative regarding your FSA’s rules and regulations to find out if that would work for you.

Can my HSA card be used to pay for Peak Health’s services?

Yes, we accept HSA. Check with your administrator about how you can use this program for our services.

What does a treatment plan include?

A Peak Health treatment plan begins with a thorough analysis of your health. Then, we discuss your health goals and work with you to establish steps to reach them. Lifestyle changes such as a personalized diet and exercise program may be your first steps. We also look at your sleep patterns, stress levels, and discuss supplements and other therapies, including fasting, cold immersion, saunas, and more. We offer additional treatment options like IV therapy, peptides, supplements, ozone, PEMF, hyperbarics, infra-red light therapy and pharmaceuticals that our medical professionals recommend if needed.

How does it work if I need additional testing later on?

Your physician and health coach may recommend additional testing for food sensitivities, intestinal bacteria, hormones, and other evaluations that would benefit you.

How do you test the gut microbiome?

To determine the source of or the potential for bowel issues such as inflammation, constipation, or diarrhea, we use the Thorne Gut Health Test. It is a concise test you take at home that shows your gut microbiome and the organisms in it.

Are the recommended supplements included in the price?

Our trusted partner, the top-rated supplement producing company, Thorne Research, offers our patients a 25% discount. Your health coach and precision physician will recommend specific supplements that will help optimize your health.

What are peptides, and how do you use them?

Peptides are naturally occurring strings of amino acids. As we age, our bodies produce fewer amino acids. The physician designs your customized peptide protocol plan to help you achieve your specific health goals, such as fat reduction, sexual performance enhancement, and improved strength and vigor. Peptide protocols are a modern medical science that uses various peptide sequences to trigger specific health improvements in the body.

Does Peak Health use Oura Ring data?

Oura Ring sleep data is comparable to the Stanford Sleep Lab tests. Our physicians often recommend using an Oura Ring to track heart rate, sleep habits, and activity levels. This tool is an accurate way to gather data that helps our physicians compile the most effective health enhancement plans. For the most precise data, the Oura Ring is best worn on one of your fingers 24 hours a day until the test is completed.

Do I need to fast before I get my lab work done?

You must not eat or drink anything other than water or black coffee after midnight the night before your lab draw is taken. We also advise people not to engage in heavy exercise 24 hours before the draw as this can falsely increase inflammatory markers.

Can I take my usual supplements before doing my lab work?

Yes. We want to see lab results that reflect your typical daily intake of supplements.

Where do I go for my lab work?

Our clients use LabCorp, a leading diagnostic company with centers across the country. Visit to find a location near you. Labcorp will bill Peak Health for your draw and we will pay them from your prepaid client account. We also have an account with Quest, visit at

What is a DNA Methylation test?

A DNA Methylation test aka, Epigenetic age measures the rate at which your DNA is aging. Different areas of your body age at different rates due to cell types and stressors. We analyze the results of this test along with your genomic and blood test results to build your personalized program that can reverse your biological age. In addition, follow-up tests are done to ensure we are on track to increasing your longevity.

How do I get your DNA Methylation kit?

Contact Peak Health if interested.

What does the first visit with a provider include?

Your initial visit with one of our providers lasts about an hour and a half. During the visit, you will review your customized health plan generated after your results are entered into our algorithm. Your plan includes a specific diet, exercise, recovery, sleep strategies, chronic disease risk mitigation and treatment, longevity markers and optimization, and other lifestyle recommendations that will positively influence your health. We will get to know you well and devise, together, a strategy that best suits your lifestyle for your best healthy lifespan. After applying these lifestyle changes and therapeutic techniques, we follow up as needed to assess progress, modify plans as needed, and set new goals for health and wellness.

What information is included in my personalized report, and how will it help me?

This report explains your personal genetic instructions, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), or genetic variations, and how they impact your health. Within your personalized report are your lab results and DNA analysis. Utilizing epigenetics, the science of positively modifying gene expression, we recommend adjustments to your diet, use of supplements, exercise plans, stress reduction techniques, sleep pattern improvement methods, cognitive enhancements, chronic disease prevention, and other strategies to reverse the aging process. We create a personalized plan to optimize your health based on all your information and preferences.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up for our program, we will ask you to complete a health survey. The survey is available when you sign up and via a link in your confirmation email. Next, one of our client representatives will call you to explain the process. Then, we will email you a health log to complete that reveals your habits and routines. Last, simply, complete your lab draw and DNA kit. This information allows us to compile an exact and individualized plan with steps for you to take to attain optimum health. Your provider will be available throughout your program to answer questions and provide guidance.

Can you explain what the process entails?

We dig deep into your health history to create your customized report. The tools we use to deliver precise information are extensive lab work, a thorough genetic analysis, and an algorithm that dissects the information. Your health coach will combine all the data we generate to create a comprehensive report and work with you to implement changes and improvements in your lifestyle and habits that will guide you toward achieving optimum health.

Why should I add on a DNA Methylation test?

The DNA Methylation test reveals the effective age of your DNA that may be different from your chronological age. That gives us a more accurate basis for your health plan. We can add a longevity protocol to your customized program with this information.

Are your services available outside the U.S.?

We don’t have international clients due to the different healthcare regulations in other countries. However, our goal is to offer our services in many other regions across the globe.

Who will work with me, and what are their experience and training?

You will work directly with our providers, physicians, and PAs. Our physicians are specifically trained in precision medicine. Visit our “About” web page (Link coming soon) to learn the backgrounds of our trained professionals.

Do you share genetic data with insurance companies?

You decide who we share your information with by completing a release of information form for an entity. The Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act of 2008 made it illegal to share genetic data without the patient’s approval.

Can Peak Health help people with a predisposition for Alzheimer's or people who have Alzheimer's?

Peak Health stays up-to-date on Alzheimer’s research and builds cognitive decline prevention into our health care plans. Our brain health protocols are individualized and implemented into plans based on your health status and genetic predisposition for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Where are you located?

We are located in Washington, Colorado, Idaho, & Montana for the time being, but we are planning to expand across the country as soon as possible, as our services can be utilized by telemedicine.

I don’t want my DNA or other data shared. How do you keep it secure?

Peak Health will be the only entity that can match your DNA kit to you. We use high-level healthcare encryption, and we never sell your information. The data we gather is only used in our own research to improve the quality of our services.

I’m not sure I want to know what my DNA data reveals about me.

Peak Health believes that knowledge is power and prevention is key to obtaining and maintaining excellent health. We understand that what our tools uncover may be surprising, but we can offer steps to circumvent negative health predispositions and improve your health and well-being with this information.